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James Janes Celebration of life

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Asian Rachel This Time We Go Twice Aquarium Cartographi [NEW]

My whole life I was always interested in learning about animals, whether I was watching animal planet, visiting the aquarium, or catching small animals and bugs outside. I am now 19 years old, and my passion for animals never faded, and I decided that this was the correct career path for me. I graduated high school early in 2019 and quickly started my college journey at my local community college. I pursued General Studies as I battled between pursuing cosmetology, criminal justice, and zoology. Eventually, I discovered Unity College and I immediately knew that working with animals was what I was meant to do.Around the same time that I switched to Unity, I also moved across the east coast from Maryland to Florida! I am located in central Florida, and about 20 minutes away from Disney World! Moving here opened up a lot of job opportunities in the zoology field, and attending Unity has helped prepare me for my career. I chose Unity because I was very interested in their programs and the option of 100% distance education. I also loved how their mission and curriculum aligned with my values of protecting our beautiful planet and all life on it..I am proud to be majoring in Animal Health and Behavior with a double concentration in Marine Biology and Wildlife Ecology! Once I earn my degree I hope to be able to work in the rescue and rehabilitation field, but I am open to any zoological job, and will be grateful to work with any species if given the opportunity!Animal Training and Care was by far my favorite course that I have taken so far! It helped me further understand animal behavior. I also loved learning about animal welfare, husbandry, and training methods within zoological facilities. I also had so much fun with the course project! Dr. Kristyn Vitale is such a great professor. I really appreciated how she always answered my questions and never hesitated to give me career advice, even after I completed the course!

Asian Rachel This Time We Go Twice aquarium cartographi




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